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akebou's Journal

25 May
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Hi, I'm Jenny Langlois and I am French-speaking. I love reading story but I don't writte much because I don't have many time to do it. I'm 20 years old, I live in an appartment and I also work 40hrs a week so maybe it'll take a while to finish a story if I start one but I'll do what I can !

I love
rape/abuse, angst, hurt/comfort, humil, gore, SM, romance, playing with emotions.

I hate
Oc pairing with a non-oc, Mary/Gary-sue, OOC, Mprg, Sasuke

Favorite pairings
KakuHida, Anyone x Hidan or Kakuzu, NejiLee, GaiLee, KakaGai
Anyone in the akatsuki pairing with another member of the akatsuki